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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Oldest motorhome in U.S." hits the market

If you're in the market for what is "probably the oldest motorhome in the United States," you may have just found it. What was called at the time a house car, this 1917 recreational vehicle was built on a Packard base. The current owner found the old rig in California back in 1981; he moved it to Oklahoma and has since done restoration work. The original owner was a family named Pickwick from Los Angeles. The family owned and operated a bus company that later merged with Greyhound.

Want to get a closer look? You'll need to head on over to Afton, Oklahoma, where the vintage vehicle is presently located – and up for sale, for a tad less than $100,000. But think what 100 grand will get you:

Twin six engine in good running condition, coupled with a three-speed manual transmission. The rear bedroom sleeps two comfortably. In the morning you can rise and fix breakfast on the two-burner gasoline cooktop up front in the galley, that also features a genuine icebox and sink.

Here's a link to the advertisement and connections to the seller.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Argentine motorhome -- color, style, and utility

Like a lot of Latin American countries, money can be tight in Argentina. You probably won't find too many private citizens that can afford say, a Thor built Class A. But that doesn't mean that Argentinians don't want to get out and RV like the rest of us. It just takes a bit of ingenuity.

Herein we present an Argentine motorhome. A motorhome built with imagination, utility, style, and yes indeed, lots of color.

nickherber on

Monday, August 25, 2014

Trailer livery goes "Victorian"

Texas artist, Lynn Bradford got an unusual request. A client asked her to take a vintage travel trailer and give it a Victorian paint job. Lynn took the job, and the results are -- if anything -- totally different.

Here's before:

And after:

Photos courtesy of Lynn Bradford. You can see more on her Facebook page.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vintage "Bambi" in and out

Ah, for the celebration of "vintage" RVs. The Tin Can Tourists group supports the care and feeding, as well as the exposition of such rigs with rallies around the U.S.

And when it comes to iconic vintage RVs, what's usually on the top of the list? Airstream trailers. Here are some photos of a vintage Bambi at a 2009 Tin Can Tourist Rally. Thanks to dwstucke on for the images -- and the memories.

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