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Monday, August 25, 2014

Trailer livery goes "Victorian"

Texas artist, Lynn Bradford got an unusual request. A client asked her to take a vintage travel trailer and give it a Victorian paint job. Lynn took the job, and the results are -- if anything -- totally different.

Here's before:

And after:

Photos courtesy of Lynn Bradford. You can see more on her Facebook page.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vintage "Bambi" in and out

Ah, for the celebration of "vintage" RVs. The Tin Can Tourists group supports the care and feeding, as well as the exposition of such rigs with rallies around the U.S.

And when it comes to iconic vintage RVs, what's usually on the top of the list? Airstream trailers. Here are some photos of a vintage Bambi at a 2009 Tin Can Tourist Rally. Thanks to dwstucke on for the images -- and the memories.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Historic aviator's travel trailer hits the block

Charles Lindbergh may be remembered for his famous flight, but the Spirit of Saint Louis wasn't his only vehicle. In 1939, Lindbergh commissioned an engineer in California to custom-build a travel trailer for his use. Built long before Wally Byam made Airstream famous, Lindbergh's trailer had a bright and shiny aluminum exterior.

By today's standards, the engineering design is a bit different. Twin axles support the rig, but at opposite ends of the trailer. The thinking, it's said, was to allow the trailer to be stable when unhitched.

If you'd like a piece of American history, consider bidding on the trailer. Auctioneers Bonhams, will put the trailer on the block in Carmel, California, August 15, where it's expected to fetch somewhere between $150,000 and $200,000. Here's a link to the site.

Our thanks to Bonhams for permission to reprint photos.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The sleekest RV you'll never buy

If you think Airstream is streamlined, you haven't seen the Knaus Caravisio.

With roots that must go into yachting, the definitely futuristic and definitely not available travel trailer (for lack of a better term) turns much of what RV manufacturers think, upside down.

No side door, enter through a spoiler-covered rear entry deck. The nose? Definitely aerodynamic. No big queen bed, think a bow-area boat cabin bed – V shaped – to allow doing away with a fifth-wheel-like "end cap" and in its place, that sheer V-nose.

Don't think you'll be cramped: There's more room in the bathroom than many high-line motorhomes offer. The rig's roof rolls up in camp, down for road touring.

Who builds it? Well, change your tense: Who built it. The concept comes from German builder Knaus Tabbert, but the actual execution was a collaborative effort of 20 different companies who put their own expertise into this futuristic rig. And no, there are no plans to mass-produce, or even produce any more, of this fascinating rig. Check out the video.

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