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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vintage Dodge RV advertisement -- if you only had one in mint condition

It's been a "fur piece" since Dodge built an RV. Long enough, that we've probably forgotten all the different rigs this outfit produced. Along comes SenseiAlan, a user who's really into vintage advertisements. Kind enough to share this with us, we send it along for your recollections.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

New European camper tows behind your two-wheeler

Wide Path Bike Camper photo

With fuel prices on the "what goes down must come up" eventuality, maybe it's time for some to think about economy camping. Now from Denmark, the Wide Path Bike Camper. The lightweight design – scaling in at less than 100 pounds – is said to be fit to sleep "2.5 people." Some of us may find that we meet that limit all on our own, but if there's more than one of you, the company is quick to show their rig hitched to a bicycle built for two.

Well, Daisy, you'll find inside 300 liters of storage space (79 gallons), seating areas, and fold down beds. Option packages include solar panels with battery and inside lighting, colors of your choice, a setup for outside dining (two chairs and attachable table).

Sad to say, only Europeans can take advantage of this, "now taking orders," rig, base priced at just 2,000 Euros – about $2700. However, we're including some of the quaint, "translated to English" sales talk.

"All prices is included VAT, and is for sale in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Nederland, Belgium and the UK. The shown prices is for our preorder period only, counting 50 campers. All campers sold on preorder will be shipped directly from us. When preordering a camper, with or without packages, 20% of the total sum, has to be paid up front, as deposit, before the order is valid. If the order is canceled, the deposit will not be returned. All prices is without shipping, but we always do our best, to get the good transport price to you, or you can collect it directly from our production facility, in Sønderborg, free of charge."

Get more info here.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fifth wheel with slide out garage -- makes for motorcycle hauling

If you're carrying a lot of wheeled play gear, a toy hauler is just the ticket. But what if your riding gear isn't as big as a quad rider? Say you just want to bring your motorcycle – why tie up all that space in your fifth wheel for a garage that doesn't need to be so big?

The folks who build Alfa Gold have the answer in their Side Hauler. It's a slide-out at the rear of their fifth wheel, just wide enough to make a comfortable berth for a motorcycle. A remote-control operated electric loading ramp takes away the scare factor. Simply roll the bike up on the lowered ramp, tie it down, push a button, and the whole shebang glides up into the slide-out, and is enclosed with a roll-down door. Pretty slick. Access to the "bike garage" can be made from the galley area through a door leading directly into the bay.

If you don't haul a bike, but do want a "bunk room" for the kids, you can have that option instead – one that comes with a big TV set.

Here's a video that shows just how this slick operator works, along with a "gag reel" showing how other folks have unsuccessfully tried to 'up ramp' their bikes with sometimes disastrous results.

Be sure to catch Russ and Tiña De Maris' half-hour podcasts, each week at

photos: alfagold

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spoil the pooch: Dog houses are knock-offs of high end RVs

Plenty of people spoil their dogs. Now here's a way the well-heeled RVer can spoil his dog: Get a doghouse that looks just like your RV. Bob Ruston, who works out of his garage in Fountain, Colorado can do it for you.

Ruston is looking ahead to his retirement, and his working-years skills help him make some pretty good "knock-offs" in the RV industry. One of his skills: A street-rod airbrush artist. And his off-time skills? He's an RVer, of course, pulling his travel trailer out to national parks at least three times a year.

So when Mrs. Ruston needed a bread box, Mr. Ruston decided to add carpentry to his skills list. The finished product was so great, he decided to fashion a dog house for the family Pug. One thing led to another, and now Ruston's latest project is a Thor diesel pusher, complete with detailing down to tail lights and satellite dish.

Bob Ruston's pampered pooch parlors aren't for the man (or dog) low on cash. They start out at $500. Check out the video for a walk around.

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