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Monday, September 14, 2015

Look out! The RV restoration teams are chasing this one!

Many folks are "on the hunt" for those classic older RVs. Dragging them home, they may spend tons of money and buckets of time fixing them up and restoring them to running glory.

Well, writer, Roger Marble, spotted one that looks like it's already on the way to being ready to show off. Traveling through Upstate New York, Roger spotted this old beauty near Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks. Don't see any "for sale" signs on it, so don't fall all over yourself trying to get there.

Thought it was appropriate that there aren't any "bag chairs" in this picture. Just those old, comfy Adirondack ones.

photo: Roger Marble

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Can't find a replacement window? Get creative!

Traveling through northern California hill country, we happened upon this -- shall we say -- unique motorhome. You know the drill, so many RVs are orphans in the wake of the big Recession, and when the company goes out of business, often getting replacement parts can be a bit more than challenging.

So the owner of this rig turned carpenter and constructed old-time interior shutters. With screens on the outside, the shutters open, he gets plenty of ventilation and light. Weather turn sour? Close the shutters. But that construct on the rear? No, it's not the rig's access door -- that's on the curb side of the rig, and looks as "normal" as the day it was built. Dunno -- maybe it's a tool shed.

R & T De Maris photo

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Motorhome like an eggshell -- it's Ultra Van

Punk Toad on
Imagine a motorhome traveling 16 miles on a gallon of gas. One that isn't built on a chassis, but rather, built like an eggshell – or an airplane – with aluminum ribs covered with aluminum. Visualize compound curves on the corners, formed with fiberglass. Yep, if you said, "Ultra Van" you struck it.

Terrybone on
Ultra Vans, the genius of an aircraft designer named David Peterson, who designed and produced these classy 22 foot motorhomes over the top of an Chevrolet Corvair engine and transaxle. Peterson's genius started running these limited edition rigs of the pdouction line in the early 1960's and on into 1970.

Corvair Owner on
All in all, there were less than 400 Ultra Vans produced, but strikingly, there are still over 100 of them on the road today. They're probably well-loved, and the mileage "clocks" on some run as many as 500,000 miles.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Car-top camper -- shades of the sixties

If you can reach back far enough in your memory, you might remember the golden age of the Penthouse Campers Association. The group got rolling after Edmonds Guerrant debuted his commercial "Camp'otel" car-top camper in 1961. Designed to attach to the gutter on the ubiquitous American automobile – the station wagon (remember them?) -- Camp'otels sold through the likes of Sears and Roebuck, Western Auto, and J.C. Penny stores.

The Camp'otel gave you more room than just sleeping in the back of the car, perhaps Mom and Dad got that honor, while the kids could sleep in the "tent" up topside. When on the road, the whole Maryanne folded down. What a great innovation! Sad to say, when the gas shortages of mid-70's rolled in, Guerrant folded up more than the Camp'otel – the company closed down. Adding to gas woes, rain gutters on cars went the way of the dodo bird.

Photo: Smithsonian Institute

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