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Monday, January 18, 2010

Hybrid motorhome patented

We haven't seen one on the road yet--but if you do, give the credit to Hobart Miller and James Mariol of Chicago. These two dreamed up what they call, "A recreational vehicle of composite construction made up of a power unit, or tractor, and self-supporting living unit, the units being telescoped together and interfitted to form a single rigid structure for safe and easy driving at highway speeds."

Looks to us kind of like a hybrid motorhome, or a kind of enclosed fifth wheel system, that allows motorhomers all the comforts of their motorhome, and a non-towed toad to run about in once you've made camp. If you're interested, check out US Patent 3,719,244, filed March 6, 1973.

Drawings courtesy US Patent Office.

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Robai said...

It amazes me how every great idea we come up with has probably already been done already in some form or another.
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