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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Most unique "fifth wheel" combination

Here's a bit of the old and the new. A chopped 1927 Model T (we're assuming a new engine package of some sort) and a custom built fifth wheel. It's said the rear-bath 5er is decorated red and white inside. Bet that's a rough night of sleep!

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ProspectorTim said...

"A hot rod pulling a fifth wheel trailer" ... NO.

"Hot rod PARKED under the fifth wheel overhang" .. Yes

The truck is parked the other side of the trailer (front of it seen in the background).

I would guess that the car normally rides INSIDE that trailer.

Movable Book Lady said...

I think it's gorgeous!

bocacash said...

I believe you are CORRECT, Sir !

Justin said...

... and the tongue/hitch and sitting in a hole in the roof? Probably belongs to the hot rod, not the truck.

Russ and Tiña De Maris said...

Welll---the folks who shot the photo say they followed the guy on the highway, and then pulled in at a rest stop for the photo. That's all we know for sure.

Jon said...

Prospector Tim most likely is corredt. I used to build hot rods of that type, mostly T-Buckets anyway. The 1927 Sedan most likely rides in the trailer. When one spends in the neighborhood of 40 to 60 K and upwards, to build one of these things, it is usually trailered. I drove mine but did trailer it behind the motorhome a few times to get somewhere. Nice ride and it does have a "Big Block" Chevy engine.

Noah said...

I don't see why a cost of 50-60k should be the reason not to use it to tow. Most of the trucks folks buy to tow their 5'ers cost that much or often more anyway.

I would think the reason to not use that hot rod to tow the 5th wheel would more likely be one of comfort. Who would want to spend long hours draggin a trailer down the slab in a hot rod when you could be in a nice crew cab dually diesel with comfy, leather, heated seats?

It does look really cool though.

chip m said...

Well it has been a long time from the people that posted last but the man that made that car has 3 others and i can tell you the red one you see ,was the 1st he had made .belive it or not

Roadtoads said...

ProspectorTim you are so wrong this car and camper where built in Florida and the car has a fifth wheel plate built into the roof frame and it is a reinforced and has towed that camp from Florida to the Syracuse nationals. the builder is a Mr canfield

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