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Monday, December 27, 2010

Three-wheeled, one-person, motorhome

It's a Buffalino. In the minds of "green" thinkers, this might be the answer to gas-guzzling giant size RVs. German designer Cornelius Comanns uses three-wheel delivery vehicle as the platform for his tiny motorhome. No word on fuel economy here.

The odd construct does provide cooking facilities, via a single-burner stove, a removable sink (with fresh water holding tank), and a refrigerator for keeping your presumably light-weight meals cool.


1 comment:

1 More MIle! said...


His rig accommodates 1 person. I have an RV built on a very efficient Class 8 truck chassis that accommodates 8.

My rig averages 8 MPG or 56 MPG per person.

I doubt that his death trap averages much more than 25 MPG at best.

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