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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's not sushi--it's Tentmushi!

Leave it to those clever Japanese manufacturers to have already thought their way out of the fuel economy box and designed an RV with what must be a low-fuel-consumption 1.3 litre engine. Well, you may not top mountain passes with a full load in a hurry with its blazing 82 horsepower engine, but you'll certainly garner comments of, "Cute!" from passerby.

Wish we could tell you more about this little darling, but our Japanese to English translator only brought us this gem:

* Publication contents of this catalog are 2010 February present ones. Equipment contents, as for specification and price etc for quality improvement there are times when it modifies without notice. * They are 8 number register cars where the tent insect camper is disguised as the marketing car, administers remodelling. At the time of utilization, please read the instruction manual which is attached well. * Photo is all option equipped cars.



capndan77 said...

I'm not sure but I think the information sheet is the same one that came with my new toaster!

Mary Matzek said...

LOVED the translation.


oldfoxbob said...

Reminds me of the old VW campervan that they used to have. Only smaller.

skip said...

The 1.3 eng is pretty standard overseas. Any thing larger is considered a GAS HOG and is taxed accordingly. Ford Fiesta is typical, #1 selling car in the word for years,it only came with a 1.3 for years. FI @70mph gave 46-48mpg on all three I had.


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