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Monday, February 17, 2014

1931 house car restoration job has big public future

Sometimes you think your RV has a part in a circus act. Steven Burnett's comes about as close as you can get. 

Some years back, Burnett spotted a house car, built on a 1931 Chevrolet chassis for sale on eBay. He gambled and bought it, sight unseen. A six-year restoration project led Burnett to some interesting discoveries regarding the rig's origins. He found that, only after he'd restored the chassis, and restored the actual house car.

While cleaning junk out of the house car he found a metal tag mounted on the rig's front wall. It read: "P.J. Larsen & Sons, Commercial Auto Bodies, 188 S. Liberty St. Salem, Oregon." That tag led Burnett on a merry research chase, and a world of information about the house car, originally used as a traveling circus car. We'll let you learn more about the rig's background by following this link.

You may be even more interested in the future of Burnett's house car. Having already made one big road trip from Kansas to Nashville where he showed off his rig at an RV show, the house car will entertain even more folks. Burnett says he'll take the rig on over to Elkhart, Ind. where the house car will have a permanent home at the RV/Motohome Hall of Fame.

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Tim Fitch said...

Kewl article. I will make a point of seeing this at the RV Hall of Fame.

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