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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Check out this tiny, contemporary house on wheels

A seller in the outdoor mecca of Durango, Colorado, is asking just $27,350 for this tiny, contemporary house on wheels with about 136 square feet and a bedroom. 

The shed roof design sits on a 7'6" x 16' trailer and weighs around 4,800 pounds. Although a bit sparse inside, this mobile adventure vehicle has packed in a galley kitchen with a 2-burner cooktop, storage under the stairs, and a sleeping loft which holds a full-sized mattress.

Although the tiny trailer is being touted on this skiing website as super easy to pull from ski town to ski town in the traveling ski bum lifestyle, wouldn't it be a cute attention-getter going from campground to campground?

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From Curbed Ski and Vox Media.


Fred said...

Ugliest thing I've ever seen. Looks like a shanty town creation.

Edie said...

I like it when people color outside the lines. Certainly it's an eyecatcher! Yep, I think it's cool!

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