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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Big RV is a real albatross

Compare your RV's statistics to this one's:

Length: 69 feet.
Engine horse power: 1,425
Fuel tank capacity: 1,670 gallons
Range between fuelings: 2,500+ miles

Oh yeah, here's something else your RV probably can't do: Go swimming. OK, so you have an RV that can go in the water. Try this one: Fly. 

John and Julie Fetcko have perhaps the most unique RV in the world. Yes, it can fly, and it can land on water or terra firma. The Fetcko's RV wasn't originally a "recreational" vehicle, but rather, a military vehicle, specifically a Grumman SA-16A Albatross, tasked with spotting and "taking out" submarines.

The Fetckos bought the old Albatross for near to a half-million dollars and started a little "renovation" project that included tearing out the original military innards and replacing them with a set-up more suited to the recreational life. It required some careful thinking and specialty crafting. For example, you can toss just about any-old cabinet in your Class A, but on a flying RV, weight control is paramount. Balsa cabinets, eh?

While Julie is a real estate marketer, specializing (surely enough) in properties appealing to aircraft owners, the couple enjoys vacationing in the U.S. and Canada. They particularly enjoy "dropping in" on remote lakes far away from the beaten path. When your RV cruises at 200 miles per hour, you can get there quicker and stay longer.

The folks at the Travel Channel have put together a video on the Fetcko's Albatross. See it here.

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Just $10000.00 to fill up.

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