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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ominous looking travel trailer comes with high flying fuel economy

How would you like to pull a BIG travel trailer with your SUV? How about an RV that promises you 100 to 150 percent increase in fuel economy? An RV that weighs about half of what current RVs of the same size and configuration scale in at?

The folks at Global Caravan Technologies in Speedway, Indiana are making those promises. Can they deliver? Earlier this month they rolled out (behind an SUV) their prototype CR-1, all-carbon fiber "super luxury RV." Looking like something that Batman might tow behind the Batmobile, the CR-1 almost has an ominous, brooding look, perhaps to the chagrin of the fiberglass or stick-and-tin built RV manufacturers.

The company, which boasts partners such as Dallara and Purdue University, employs a veteran team of former IndyCar champions and aerospace technicians to design and build its state-of-the-art products. Bragging that the new generation trailer contains no screws or connectors, perhaps the company is on the front edge of a new wave of manufacturing. While prices haven't been announced, nor a production schedule, the company is already looking for dealers – and of course – customers. Here's a link to the company website.


Eric Schrader, CAPS said...

Unless I'm missing it, where is the floorplan on their website? or is the TT just a shell.

MrTommy said...

Like Eric, I didn't see any floor plans (or even a HINT of a price!). Also, I think it's way too long with the wheels in the middle of the coach. You'd have trouble getting into and out of some parking lots, and back country RV'ing would be out of the question. Also, with the black color, I'd be concerned about heat inside when RV'ing out here in the high desert west.

Dan and Leslie said...

I saw their brochure stating prices will start at $160,000 and go up from there.

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